Recurpay: Subscriptions App

Increase repeat orders and recurring revenue for your online business with the Recurpay: Subscriptions App. Get a stable income and make your business sustainable and profitable for the long term. Manage customer subscriptions on the go and encourage one-time shoppers to convert into repeat buyers by providing them with a seamless subscription experience.

Recurpay: Subscriptions AppRecurpay: Subscriptions AppRecurpay: Subscriptions App

What is Recurpay: Subscriptions App?

Recurpay: Subscriptions App is a subscription management tool for businesses of all sizes. Integrate it with your app to help you retain customers and scale your business for the long term. Through this tool, you can create and manage subscription offers for your customers.

It allows you to automate the subscription process while helping customers simplify the payment process and manage their subscriptions.

How it works

Integrate Recurpay with your Swipecart app to easily configure subscriptions or prepaid subscriptions in your store.

  • Auto-debit feature without recharging or refilling the order again and again.

  • Renew all subscriptions on a specific day or date of the month.

  • Allow users to buy subscriptions and one-time products all at once.

  • Allow customers to edit, skip, reschedule & cancel subscriptions.

  • Let your customers try before they subscribe.

  • Allow customers to subscribe in their local currencies.

  • Incentivize customers when they opt for subscriptions.

  • Flexible payment options including, COD and switching to online payment anytime.

  • Sync the latest product price for subscription orders.

  • Send subscription notifications to customers.

  • Get deep insights into sales and retention.

How Recurpay: Subscriptions App will help you?

Ace your customer retention game by integrating Recurpay: Subscriptions App with your Swipecart app.

  • Increase recurring orders for your store.

  • Increase customer lifetime value (LTV).

  • Create a sustainable income for your business.