Social Proof

Boost your brand’s conversion with trust signals at every point of contact. Impact the purchase decision of shoppers by displaying customer-generated reviews in text, photo, and video format. Help your customers buy items from your app with confidence and satisfaction.

What is Product Reviews? Product Reviews is an advanced tool for your app to collect, display, and manage reviews from customers. See greater conversion with product reviews throughout the buyer journey. Get great SEO benefits with more reviews.

Convert shoppers into paying customers and boost average basket value with authentic reviews. Showcase real experiences and drive more sales.

How it works

Collect text, photo, and video reviews from your brand advocates and display them on your app to bring products to life.

  • Use tools to collect reviews across the web

  • Import reviews from other channels

  • Display product and brand reviews with no-code widgets

  • Attributes to help shoppers read reviews that matter

  • Push reviews into Google Search, Google Ads, and Google Shopping

  • Transform review content into branded posts across social media

How Product Reviews will help you?

Integrate Product Reviews into your app on Swipecart to help customers buy products from your store with confidence.

  • Encourages more sales

  • Build trust with customers

  • Positive impact on customer satisfaction

  • Boost sales and conversion