Loyalty & Referrals


Manage customer credit scores of loyalty programs and connect with customers across all channels from your app to website and POS. Reward customers based on their shopping behaviors. Create VIP, tiers, and employee programs that match your budget to issue rebates or credits to customers.


What is Rewardify?

Rewardify is a loyalty program management tool to help you manage store credit accounts for your customers in a central place that works across your app, website, and POS.

It is a white-label solution intended to work alongside your loyalty program. It helps you handle credits and rebates for purchases, returns, exchanges, and special cases.

How it works

Provide incentives to shop by giving store credit and allowing customers to manage their points and rewards.

  • Set parameters to reward customers

  • Provide incentives for referrals

  • Set discounts shareable on email or social channels

  • Rebates on specially tagged products

  • Allow customers to access their credit account balances

  • Send notifications to customers at key moments

  • Allow customers to redeem for discounts

  • Apply discounts automatically at checkout

How Rewardify will help you?

Integrate Rewardify on your Swipecart app to incentivize customers for purchasing on your app.

  • Drive loyalty through referrals

  • Reduce cart abandonment by creating discounts

  • Acquire new customers through shareable discount links

  • Increase customer retention

  • Boost conversion and sales