Social Proof

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Encourage customers to shop for more and take faster shopping decisions by showcasing reviews at high-impact sales touchpoints. Eliminate shoppers’ concerns about the product by displaying reviews on product detail pages on the app.

Rivyo Product Reviews & QARivyo Product Reviews & QARivyo Product Reviews & QA

What is Rivyo Product Reviews & QA?

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA makes it easy to collect and add product reviews on your app. Build strong social proof by displaying product reviews, testimonials, store average reviews, and Q & A anywhere on the app.

Start displaying product reviews on your app as a source of trustworthy information and real-life insight for your customers. Share reviews on social and Google shopping to boost organic traffic.

How it works

Gathering and featuring product reviews has never been this easy. Enable customers to leave reviews and showcase them to convince shoppers to convert into customers.

  • Automatic review request email after order fulfillment

  • Attractive email templates with customization

  • Set coupon codes after review collection

  • Import reviews from AliExpress or Amazon

  • SEO-rich widget for Google search results

  • Highly customizable review widgets

  • Export limitless reviews as a csv file

  • Allow & display pre-sale Q&A about products

  • Share reviews on social media

How Rivyo Product Reviews & QA will help you?

Integrate Rivyo Product Reviews & QA into your app on Swipecart to get genuine feedback on the product from customers, reduce possibilities of return, and boost conversions.

  • Build brand trust and loyalty

  • Increase brand awareness & app visibility

  • Get better insight into the product

  • Improve product quality

  • Reduce product return rate

  • Boost sales and get more conversions