Shipping & Fulfillment


Improve customers’ post-purchase experience with order tracking, package protection, remarketing, and sustainability. Move beyond emails and SMS and provide customers with real-time tracking experience to deepen and strengthen lifetime customer relationships.


What is Route?

Route-Protection & Tracking is a complete package tracking solution to help you extend the Customer Lifetime Value. It helps customers track their orders on your app and they receive shipping notifications to help you improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Reduce time on customer support with instant issue resolution. Convert tracking into a holistic customer experience and increase sales and customer loyalty.

How it works

Route- Protection & Tracking offers a suite of post-purchase features for your app from order tracking to order protection.

  • Customize order tracking for customers

  • Provide real-time tracking details for every order

  • Send shipping notifications via email, push notifications, and SMS

  • Shipping protection against loss, theft, and damages

  • 100% carbon-neutral shipping option at checkout

  • Integrate product recommendations on tracking pages

How Route will help you?

Integrate Route-Protection & Tracking into your app on Swipecart to transform the post-purchase journey into a loyalty-generating customer experience.

  • Improve the brand experience from checkout to delivery

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Build customer satisfaction and trust

  • Boost remarketing with product recommendations

  • Bring in repeat customers

  • Increase conversion and sales