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Shopify Search & Discovery

Drive your e-commerce sales and inspire shoppers with an integrated innovative customer journey search experience through relevant product discovery. Set up personalized searches & filters to maximize the value of app traffic and boost growth.

Shopify Search & DiscoveryShopify Search & DiscoveryShopify Search & Discovery

What is Shopify Search & Discovery?

Shopify Search & Discovery is a predictive search feature for search, filter options, and recommendations. It places its search algorithms based on shopper behavior, store inventory, data, and visual signals.

Its advanced search functionality makes user interactions with products faster and easier. It allows you to expand product variants display and use it to sell products you want.

How it works

Use advanced search and personalization modules that include smart collection filters to help your customers find the right product in seconds.

  • Search modules based on user behavior, store inventory, and data.

  • Customizable search results with automatic tagging

  • Filters to refine search by multiple categories

  • Synonym groups to match search queries to the nearest result

  • Product merchandising to redirect no search results

  • Related and complementary products on product detail pages

  • Analytics on search and discovery performance

How Shopify Search & Discovery will help you?

Integrate the Shopify Search & Discovery tool on your Swipecart app to build an instant search experience for your application.

  • Improve shopping experiences

  • Build customer trust

  • Increase product discovery

  • Improve store performance

  • Sell more through merchandising

  • Convert more and drive growth