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Smart Product Filter & Search

Lead customers to the products or collections they want easily with an effective search function. Help them narrow down their options and reach the product within seconds. Save time and make shopping easy for customers for improved and faster conversion.

Smart Product Filter & SearchSmart Product Filter & SearchSmart Product Filter & Search

What is Smart Product Filter & Search?

Smart Product Filter & Search by Globo is a smart tool to help customers find their products accurately from your store within seconds on the Swipecart app. This advanced tool provides the fastest route to product discovery for customers on your app.

Optimize search by providing suggestions as they type and enabling search filters and collection filters for improved shopping experiences.

How it works

Improve your app’s search bar by providing advanced search features to make customers’ experience better than ever.

  • Full-text search, auto-suggestion, synonyms, search suggestion dictionary

  • Redirect customers to your page when they search for a specific keyword

  • Custom filter tree with filter by tag, sale percentage, reviews, and meta fields

  • Dynamic filter options from collections, vendors, product types, variants filter

  • Allow customers to share filter results via URL

  • Analytics to learn shoppers’ buying intent

How Smart Product Filter & Search will help you?

Integrate Smart Product Filter & Search to your app on Swipecart to personalize the shopping experience and boost sales.

  • Provide a better customer experience

  • Upsell & cross-sell through merchandising

  • Track market trends & improve sales

  • Improve conversion rates for sales