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Help customers connect with the products they want to buy. Allow users to find what they’re looking for faster, leading to more app engagement and sales. Power your store search engine with AI to smartly capture customer intent and show them relevant search results.

Product Filter & Search ‑ SBProduct Filter & Search ‑ SBProduct Filter & Search ‑ SB

What is Smart Search & Product Filter-SoBooster?

Smart Search & Product Filter-SoBooster is an Ultimate Search & Filter to boost sales and improve conversions. It is an all-in-one store search solution to ensure your shoppers quickly find what they are looking for within seconds.

It has built-in AI capabilities to capture customer intent and show them relevant suggestions leading to a purchase.

How it works

Skyrocket your sales by displaying correct search query results instantly and leading your shoppers to their favorite products/collections.

  • Advanced product filter with unlimited filters by tags, options, and meta fields

  • Autosuggestions and typo tolerant in AI smart search feature

  • Better results with advanced synonyms

  • Smart merchandising to redirect shoppers in case of no results

  • Insightful analytics for search and filter queries

How Smart Search & Product Filter-SoBooster will help you?

Integrate Smart Search & Product Filter-SoBooster into your app on Swipecart to boost sales and customer shopping experiences.

  • Understand customer needs

  • Improve customer shopping experiences

  • Enhance app engagement

  • Improve sales and conversion