Loyalty & Rewards

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Supercharge your marketing campaign, and boost new and repeat sales with loyalty programs for your app customers. Quickly launch a loyalty program for first-time buyers to turn them into repeat customers and build a true brand community.

Smile: Rewards & LoyaltySmile: Rewards & LoyaltySmile: Rewards & Loyalty

What is Smile: Rewards & Loyalty?

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty is a powerful tool to create rewards and loyalty programs for your app shoppers. Drive repeat orders through points and rewards for shopping, social media following, referrals, and more.

Reward customers with exclusive offers, VIP programs, and points. Boost new and repeat sales and level up your app marketing campaign.

How it works?

Implement a strong loyalty program to increase customer acquisition and retention. Boost your customers’ shopping experiences with rewards to keep them engaged and come back for more.

  • Customize your rewards program with the brand image

  • Create custom loyalty programs through points or coupons.

  • Edit and manage your rewards program

  • Segment users based on their shopping and give them exclusive perks

  • Allow big spenders to shop and earn or redeem points

  • Incentivize customers who bring in new shoppers

  • Set points expiration and reminder emails

How Smile: Rewards & Loyalty will help you?

Integrate Smile: Rewards & Loyalty with your Swipecart app to encourage shoppers to return to the app and use their rewards.

  • Build consistent engagement

  • Decrease customer acquisition rates

  • Increase customer retention

  • Boost customer lifetime value

  • Build long-term customer relationships