Bring customers back to your store by allowing them to create and manage wishlists of products they want to purchase. Study their product preferences, and design personalized marketing campaigns to re-engage with them to complete their wishlist purchases.


What is Swym: Wishlist Plus?

Swym: Wishlist Plus is a tool for mobile applications to get better conversion rates and improve order sizes. It ensures customers save their favorite products in their wishlist to access them whenever they want and complete the purchase.

Businesses can run personalized marketing campaigns and social media ads to send automated reminders for abandoned wishlists to get the customers back to the app.

How it works

Enable customers to bookmark their favorite products and make them available when they return to the app making it a high-value proposition for your online business sales.

  • Customize the look and feel of the wishlist

  • Allow shoppers to share their wishlist

  • Configure automated reminder emails for wishlists

  • Design targeted ads on social media for abandoned wishlists

  • Send low stock, price drop, and reminder notifications to shoppers.

  • Get insights and analytics into users’ wishlist activities

How Swym: Wishlist Plus will help you?

Integrate Swym: Wishlist Plus to your Swipecart app to let shoppers organize their favorite products into multiple custom wishlists.

  • Improve shopping experiences

  • Reduce cart abandonment

  • Improve social proof

  • Optimize ad campaigns

  • Build brand loyalty