T Lab – AI Language Translate

Translate every page in your store and show prices in multiple currencies to reach new markets. Speak the language of your clients and sell to a global audience to boost sales. Start translating to reach specific locations and increase your customer base.

T Lab – AI Language TranslateT Lab – AI Language TranslateT Lab – AI Language Translate

What is T Lab – AI Language Translate?

T Lab – AI Language Translate is a translation tool native to Shopify. It works with Shopify Languages, your store’s multi-language feature, and with Swipecart’s Multi-language Switcher plugin to seamlessly add multiple languages without any additional code.

Use AI-powered automatic translations and manually translate every resource into multiple languages including products, collections, meta fields, links, product variants, etc.

How it works

Start translating instantly with a one-click setup and a simple interface. Have full control over the translation of each and every content resource in your app.

  • Automatic translations using AI-powered Google NMT (neural machine translations)

  • Manual translations by uploading a csv file for specific keywords or phrases

  • Multi-currency option to let customers check out in their local currency

  • Easy integration with Swipecart’s Multi-language switcher plugin

  • Load language based on customer location

  • Customizable language switcher with flags and language names

  • Translate product options in bulk

How T Lab – AI Language Translate will help you?

Integrate T Lab – AI Language Translate on your Swipecart app to bridge the language gap and reach to a global audience without any barriers.

  • Boost shopper convenience

  • Increase customer trust

  • Increase app visibility

  • Increase app downloads and conversions

  • Expand your business

  • Maximize global sales