Augmented Reality


Boost app revenue by offering an immersive shopping experience with augmented reality (AR) solutions. Generate greater engagement by providing customers with the ability to interact with your products. Allow customers to visualize, explore, and examine the products to make confident buying decisions.


What is Tangiblee?

Tangiblee is a virtual try-on experience tool to enable customers to try products using their device camera and augmented reality before the purchase. It uses your catalog’s existing product images to let customers try it on virtually.

It is a diverse and practical shopping assistant on your app to help customers try on products while browsing and make online shopping a fun experience.

How it works

Tangiblee auto-captures images and allows shoppers to try on items, compare sizes, place objects in the room, and much more.

  • Virtual 3D model from your 2D images

  • Auto-capture images and allow shoppers to experience items virtually

  • Full-screen experience when customers open the virtual try-on camera

  • Faster auto-capture to minimize image load time

  • Advanced augmented reality technology to let customers try products

  • Customers can share the experience via SMS and social media

How Tangiblee will help you?

Integrate Tangiblee to your app on Swipecart to see a marked difference in customer experience and satisfaction.

  • Boost on-brand customer experience

  • Increase customers’ app engagement

  • Decrease product returns and improve business efficiency

  • Get new customers via shared links

  • Boost conversions and sales