Customer Support Live Chat

Get close to customers and encourage continued app engagement by providing real-time service support through live chat. Deliver personalized customer service by proactively initiating a chat and encouraging them to buy more. Live Live Live Chat

What is Live Chat? Live Chat is a customizable live chat and customer communication platform packed with features to streamline support and respond to queries within the context of your customer journey.

Meet customers where they are on the app with Live Chat, ticketing, automated responses, offers, and voice add-ons.

How it works

Unlock a frictionless channel for conversational commerce by integrating Live Chat, a feature-rich chat tool for your app.

  • View and manage orders directly from chats and tickets

  • Personalize greetings with triggers based on location, past visits, and more

  • Provide fast, accurate responses with shortcut message templates

  • Manage unlimited customer queries in 45+ languages

  • Track customer geo IP, engagement, and sentiment to frame responses

  • Monitor app users in real-time to view the entire journey

  • Detailed reporting including chat history review

How Live Chat will help you?

Integrate Live Chat to your app on Swipecart to create memorable and positive customer experiences.

  • Speed up response times to improve brand trust

  • Reduce cart abandonment by resolving queries

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Boost customer experience

  • Gain insight into customer sentiment

  • Improve conversions and sales.