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Tidio Chat

Turn passive customers into active buyers by giving immediate answers to their queries. Talk to your visitors on live chat, quickly solve their problems, and sell proactively. Make every conversation count and see your business thrive with this all-in-one communication channel.

Tidio ChatTidio ChatTidio Chat

What is Tidio - Live Chat & Chatbots?

Tidio – Live Chats & Chatbots is an all-in-one live chat tool to give customers real-time support on your app. It is a customer experience platform that enables you to provide excellent customer service using support chatbots.

Communicate with your customers faster, answer questions, solve problems, and engage at the right moment to offer excellent service and boost sales.

How it works

Proactively start conversations with customers to sell products. Save abandoned carts, show order status, offer discount codes, and do much more with the ready-to-use chatbots.

  • Talk to customers on live chat

  • Customizable live-chat widget

  • Preview carts, check order history, recommend products on chat

  • Ready-to-send replies to most frequent questions

  • Simple ticketing system to resolve customer queries

  • One shared inbox for messages from live chat, email, FB Messenger & Instagram

  • Live typing preview of customers to be response-ready

How Tidio - Live Chat & Chatbots will help you?

Integrate Tidio – Live Chat & Chatbots to your app on Swipecart to resolve customer queries efficiently and promote sales by offering discounts and recommending products.

  • Provide personalized shopping experiences

  • Improve customer satisfaction with instant replies

  • Reduce cart abandonment with offers

  • Boost conversion and sales