Social Proof


Capture and share user-generated content on your app, drive more sales, and accelerate growth. Collect and share customer experiences through content marketing, referrals, and loyalty programs. Build consumer trust online and increase customer lifetime value.


What is TrustSpot?

Trustspot is your guide to building and increasing social proof for your business. It has a full suite of features to collect insights from customers across their entire engagement journey.

It seamlessly integrates with your app and uses the power of user-generated content to build a community around your brand's extending conversions and sales.

How it works?

Collect authentic reviews and visual UGC by engaging app users at every step of their journey. Convert customer testimonials into success stories for your brand.

  • Collect reviews through requests and experience-collectors

  • Capture insights through surveys, customs forms, & reviews

  • Collect Q&A to guide future business decisions

  • Customize review displays and visual UGC

  • Curate content through product and service-specific feedback

  • Auto-publish best reviews at any place on your app

  • Publish UGC across a variety of channels

How TrustSpot will help you?

Integrate TrustSpot with your Swipecart app to customize review requests and collect content across your customers’ shopping journey

  • Measure overall customer satisfaction through reviews and Q&A

  • Gain insight into customer needs

  • Improve marketing strategies with responses

  • Boost social proof and brand trust

  • Increase app visibility and downloads