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Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Boost sales by bundling products together with discounts. Encourage customers to buy more by setting up discounts on volume purchases. Bundle up different items for discounts or sell more of the same product.

Unlimited Bundles & DiscountsUnlimited Bundles & DiscountsUnlimited Bundles & Discounts

What is Unlimited Bundles & Discounts?

Streamline the process of bundling products and offering discounts on them through the Unlimited Bundles & Discounts tool. Create bundles for products and embed them on your collection/product page or create a separate page for it to maximize conversions.

Entice customers to buy more by matching the cart with multiple bundles. Combine different products or use the quantity bundle with tiered pricing to sell more.

How it works

Install Unlimited Bundles & Discounts on your app with zero coding and start using it instantly to pack products together for a discount.

  • Create a bundle page and embed them on any page in the app

  • Insert bundle tips in the cart page

  • Bundle single product with volume discounts

  • Bundle multiple products on a single order

  • Set tiered discount for more than one product

  • Lock the bundle when a product is out of stock

  • Automatic bundle discounts applied at checkout

  • Schedule the bundle discount ahead of time

  • Sales, add-to-cart, bundle, orders, and discounts report

How Unlimited Bundles & Discounts will help you?

Integrate Unlimited Bundles & Discounts on your Swipecart app to sell more products or multiple items at once.

  • Cross-sell by bundling products

  • Increase average shopping cart value

  • Boost conversion rates

  • Encourage repeat orders

  • Improve sales by offering bundle discounts