Vitals: All-in-One Marketing

Capture more leads and maximize conversions by increasing the shopping experience of your customers on the app. Collect & display reviews, upsell & cross-sell, create volume discounts, convert currencies, apply countdown timers, provide advanced search options, and many more to sell more.

Vitals: All-in-One MarketingVitals: All-in-One MarketingVitals: All-in-One Marketing

What is Vitals: All-in-One Marketing?

Use Vitals: All-in-One Marketing to drive sales with more than forty features all included in one tool. This conversion marketing tool helps you turn on-the-fence shoppers into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Vitals offers features like Instagram shoppable feeds, urgency & scarcity notifications, email & push marketing, live chat, currency conversion, and much more.

How it works

Deliver better customer experiences and start raking in more sales by seamlessly integrating this feature-rich tool with your app.

  • Product reviews, recent sales notifications, pre-orders, & instant search

  • Wishlist, sticky Add To Cart, review trust badges, free shipping bar

  • Volume discounts, shipping information, email collection bar

  • Related Products, countdown timer bar, product bundles

  • Currency converter, stock scarcity display, description tabs

  • All-in-one chat, gamified popups, backup, multiple Facebook pixels

  • Set and schedule automatic email and push notification campaigns

  • Record & replay visitor activities on your app for analysis

How Vitals: All-in-One Marketing will help you?

Integrate Vitals: All-in-One Marketing into your app on Swipecart to transform your app into an engaging and sales-driving store.

  • Raise cart average order value

  • Improve shopping experiences of customers

  • Build social proof

  • Enhance brand credibility

  • Increase sales and conversions