Loyalty & Rewards

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Increase customer engagement and make them keep coming back to your store through a points and rewards loyalty program. Incentivize customers with points for every purchase or other action taken on your store. Allow them to redeem their collected points through order discounts.

WooCommerce Points and RewardsWooCommerce Points and RewardsWooCommerce Points and Rewards

What is WooCommerce Points and Rewards?

WooCommerce Points and Rewards is a tool to help you set up a loyalty program to boost customer retention and build loyalty. Provide your customers with points as rewards for their purchases and other actions, allowing them to redeem these points for valuable discounts.

Customize the loyalty program by setting rules for awarding points and redeeming them for discounts. Manage how points are earned, the value of points for discounts, and the maximum discount that can be earned.

How it works

Integrate the WooCommerce Points and Rewards tool with your Swipecart app to help you set up a new rewards program or bring in the existing one for new customers on the app.

  • Decide the actions for which points can be awarded to customers.

  • Set up points for each action taken by the customer.

  • Award points by product, category, or global level.

  • Decide how the points earned can be converted to discounts.

  • Control the maximum discount that a customer can redeem at the cart, category, or product level.

  • Adjust the points balance for a customer.

  • View a log of all points changes made for customers.

  • Customize messages regarding redeeming points on the product and checkout page.

How WooCommerce Points and Rewards will help you?

Engage customers by giving them the motivation to shop. Increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases by setting up a rewards and points program for your store.

  • Increase customer engagement and retention.

  • Improve customer loyalty & trust.

  • Boost positive brand perceptions and associations.

  • Maximize customer lifetime value.