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Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews

Generate and collect authentic reviews that make a difference and display them where they make an impact. Influence customers’ buying decisions, build trust, and sell more by showcasing reviews. Access tools to collect and display reviews on the app and share them on search and social media.

Yotpo Product & Photo ReviewsYotpo Product & Photo ReviewsYotpo Product & Photo Reviews

What is Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews?

Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews is a powerful e-commerce tool to collect high-quality reviews and display them directly on the app. With this tool, brands can reach new customers on social and organic search boosting visibility.

Amplify reviews by displaying them on the home screen, product pages, and other areas of the sales funnel to impact customers’ shopping experiences.

How it works

Display compelling content at the highest-intent moments to drive conversions. Tailor the look and feel of review displays to match your brand.

  • Collect reviews through emails, review prompts, and SMS

  • Control and moderate review display on the app

  • Custom on-site widgets to display reviews

  • Use smart filters to display relevant content

  • Use reviews on Google and Facebook to increase traffic

  • Share reviews on social media channels automatically

  • Q&A capabilities to encourage customer community

  • Measure the impact of reviews through analytics

How Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews will help you?

Integrate Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews with your app on Swipecart to collect, display, and amplify customer content.

  • Influence buyer decisions by showcasing reviews

  • Improve customer acquisition & retention

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Boost conversion rate & app engagement