Buy Now Pay Later


Boost sales by providing customizable payment solutions to customers. Help them spread the final order cost over time through monthly manageable payment solutions that fit their budget. Enjoy the benefits of increased conversions and cart totals without assuming any of the risks.


What is Zip?

Zip is a Buy Now Pay Later payment solution provider to help drive sales for your online store. It gives customers the flexibility of splitting their payments into four installments over six weeks with no credit score risk.

Encourage customers to shop frequently or go in for higher-value purchases by allowing them to split the total cost of purchase into multiple payments.

How it works

Boost e-commerce conversion with Buy Now Pay Later at checkout. Give customers a better experience and increase overall sales.

  • Instant plug-and-play integration on your app

  • Add the Zip widget to your product detail view page

  • Take on zero risk while you get both customers & payments

  • Track and manage customer data, order processing, and reconciliation

How Zip will help you?

Integrate Zip into your app on Swipecart to give customers the freedom to shop for more and the flexibility to pay later.

  • Enjoy immediate payment with zero risk

  • Boost repeat customer rate

  • Increase average order basket size

  • Increase topline sales and conversions