Abandoned Cart Pop Up

Use Swipecart's Abandoned Cart Pop-Up to entice consumers to return to finish the purchase of what they are already so close to buying. Offer an instant discount to users who are about to exit the app after adding items to their cart.

Abandoned Cart Pop UpAbandoned Cart Pop UpAbandoned Cart Pop Up

What is an Abandoned Cart Pop Up?

The app Review plugin allows you to request your app users to give their reviews about the app on the app store or play store.

The app Review plugin will make sure that your app ranks high on the App store / Play store. If an app has more positive reviews and ranks high, it is more likely to be discovered and downloaded. The more downloads it receives, the longer it will remain in the rankings.

How does it work?

Abandoned Cart Pop-up allows you to remind customers of abandoned carts and recover lost sales. You can recover your sales by automatically displaying cart abandonment pop-ups

  • Remind customers of incomplete transactions through abandoned cart pop-ups.

  • Schedule reminder pop-ups for conversions

  • Increase sales and app revenue

  • Drive improved user engagement

How will Abandoned Cart Pop Up help you?

By incorporating the appropriate cart abandonment pop-ups into your app, you can minimize your sales revenue loss while improving your bottom line.

  • Minimize sales revenue loss

  • Offer an instant discount

  • Easily to automate

  • Easy to customize pop-ups

  • Chance to make a great offer