Additional Info

Show additional information pop-ups on different pages where you would like to share your user more detailed info.

Additional InfoAdditional InfoAdditional Info

What is an Additional Info Plugin?

Swipecart additional info plugins are informative pop-ups that you can create and display across your app to provide users with a better understanding of the product or features. For instance- On the product page, you can create a Size guide pop-up to give additional information to your users.

Additional information pop-ups can be an effective way to provide users with more information and guidance without cluttering up the app's interface. They can help users better understand the features and capabilities of an app and reduce the likelihood of user error or confusion.

How does it work?

Entice customers to buy by providing additional information about products/collections. You can add informative details to your popup. You can further:

  • Live preview your pop up

  • Customize and edit pop-up design

  • Edit fonts

  • Show icons

  • Create creative pop-ups and display them on pages you require

How will the Additional Info Plugin help you?

Increase customer shopping experiences with additional information displays.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Influence buying decisions

  • Build customer trust

  • Boost conversion and sales