COD Verification

Solve the major problem of verification while taking orders for cash on delivery. Verify the purchase by sending an OTP to the buyer's mobile and checking the authenticity of the order.

COD VerificationCOD VerificationCOD Verification

What is COD verification?

Cash-on-delivery verification facilitates the verification of the online order that is placed with the payment status of COD.

You must verify your customer's orders before sending the delivery resources out. Swipecart’s COD verification will help you save a lot on COD.

How does it work?

COD verification works by verifying the customer's purchase by sending an OTP to their registered number. The ultimate agenda behind offering cash on delivery services and verification is to increase conversions and ROI

  • Bring in large profits

  • Easy verification

  • Save loses

How will COD verification help you?

Give customers a flexible payment option while reducing product returns. Lessen product return ratio and save unnecessary shipping expenses through OTP for COD

  • Ease cart abandonment by shoppers

  • Reduce undelivered or fake orders

  • Increase conversions & sales