Multi Currency

Remove all the transaction boundaries and create a wider marketplace for your brand by using the Multi-Currency Plugin in your app. Let consumers from around the globe come and buy from your app.

Multi CurrencyMulti CurrencyMulti Currency

What is Multi Currency?

Swipecart’s Multi-Currency plugin allows you to sell internationally. Buyer's native currency – increases consumer loyalty & contributes to a great user experience.

It also raises the likelihood of a repeat consumer and gives you a global marketplace for sales.

How does it work?

Switch between multiple currencies to gain customers across the globe. Switch to location-based currency or allow users to switch to their preferred currency.

  • Select the currencies you want to accept payments

  • Attract new customers to grow sales

  • Increase customer base and app visibility

How will Multi-Currency help you?

Swipecart’s Multi-Currency plugin will help you in improving your conversion rates by customizing pricing for different markets.

  • Make checkout easier

  • More control over pricing

  • Build trust with users