Custom Font

Fasten your load times and add a custom brand typeface with Swipecart’s custom font. The plugin is designed for different screen resolutions to improve the brand’s visual identity. The easiest way to add fonts of your choice is to make your mobile app unique.

Custom FontCustom FontCustom Font

What is a Custom Font?

Custom fonts allow you to make the app font reflect your brand and give your store the look and feel it deserves. This will make your brand immediately recognizable.

You can show your personality and underline how you would like to be perceived by your audience. Do you want to be perceived as formal or as fun? Whatever the case may be, what your audience sees must elicit your personality, and the majority of the time they perceive letters & words.

How does it work?

Custom Fonts is a simple and powerful tool to select custom fonts or upload supported font files. Another significant advantage is that it will maintain uniformity and a unified approach across all platforms.

  • Captivate customers with beautiful fonts

  • Draw attention to product information

  • Boost sales and customer retention

How will Custom Font help you?

Applying your unique fonts in your app will make you stand out from your competitors. Custom fonts give a visual connection of clarity with just the right amount of levity.

  • Use fonts of your brand tone & emotions

  • Engage visually with customers

  • Increase loading speed