Custom Pricing

Offer personalized pricing to specific customers or groups of customers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately, revenue for your online business.

Custom PricingCustom PricingCustom Pricing

What is Custom Pricing?

Custom Pricing is a plugin on Swipecart that works by allowing you to create pricing rules based on various criteria. You can offer a flat price lower than the selling price or a discount in percentage or value.

Create custom pricing based on your specific business needs. Offer discounts and special pricing on products to customers who meet certain purchase requirements. Set the prices for products that are different from the standard prices set by the app.

NOTE: This plugin allows you to only decrease the price of the product and not increase it.

How it works

Install the Custom Pricing plugin on Swipecart to help merchants create, edit, or delete pricing rules in just a few clicks.

  • Create unlimited pricing rules on your Swipecart app.

  • Select the customer segments or specific customers to apply a rule.

  • Select all or specific products for rule application.

  • Select the price decrease in percentage or value.

  • Hide product price for guest users.

How Custom Pricing will help you?

The Custom Pricing plugin helps you create pricing rules that are easy to set, manage, and monitor.

  • Offer personalized pricing to customers.

  • Improve customer relationships and brand loyalty.

  • Boost AOV and Life-Time Value (LTV) of customers.

  • Drive growth through improved sales and profits.