Deeplink Exporter

Use the automatically-generated product and collection deep links and instantly deploy them across marketing channels, including push notifications and emails to redirect viewers to specific products or collections in your app or encourage them to download your app.

Deeplink ExporterDeeplink ExporterDeeplink Exporter

What is Deeplink Exporter?

Swipecart’s Deeplink Exporter is a plugin that automatically generates product and collection deep links for your app and allows you to download them in a CSV file so that you can use them for any platform and ad environment, saving you time and preventing errors.

Use deep links in promotional ads to redirect users directly to specific product pages or collection pages of your app enhancing their experience and driving engagement. Redirect users to the app listing page on App Store/Play Store if they haven’t installed your app and encourage app downloads.

How it works

Install the Deeplink Exporter plugin for your app on Swipecart and instantly get access to a complete product/collection deep link list without any extra effort.

  • Downloadable deep link file in CSV format.

  • Use deep links to promote products and collections in your app.

  • Ready-to-use deep links for retargeting campaigns.

  • Send users directly to the specific product or collection page in the app.

  • Redirect users to the app listing page on App Store/Play Store.

How Deeplink Exporter will help you?

Optimize your customer acquisition and retention strategies using this powerful tool. Download and get instant access to all the product and collection page deep links in your app.

  • Redirect users to specific app pages to increase engagement.

  • Use deep links for abandoned carts and retargeting campaigns.

  • Decrease customer churn rate and increase the likelihood of an app install.

  • Provide a better experience by redirecting customers to relevant pages in your app.