Discount Codes

Lower your advertisement expenses, increase traffic to your online store and ensure customer loyalty by offering discount codes. Allow your customers to thrive for the best offer when buying on your app.

Discount CodesDiscount CodesDiscount Codes

What are Discount Codes?

A discount coupon is a code that a consumer may use at the checkout to receive a deal on their order. Discount code marketing is an extremely effective strategy for tempting people to initiate an online order while also bringing you revenue potential & improved customer loyalty.

They are primarily intended to attract consumers by providing discounts & festive offers, with the ultimate goal of raising your online store's client retention rate. The Swipecart Discount Coupon plugin may help you with everything from increasing repeat customers to recovering abandoned carts.

How does it work?

Set up attractive discounts and create powerful promotions in minutes. You can encourage your customers to buy more and spend more with discount incentives.

  • Have an effective discount strategy to grow your online business

  • Convert users to customers

  • Increase customer acquisition rate

  • Boost online revenues

How will Discount Codes help you?

Discount code plugin will help you reduce ads expenses. Discount coupons work perfectly with a segmented audience.

  • Discount coupons can enhance your branding

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Coupons increase conversions

  • Recover your abandoned carts