Food Nutrition Facts

Make it simple for customers to make informed decisions when buying food and beverages on your app by displaying nutritional/supplemental facts. Catalog your items’ dietary chart including information on nutrients, minerals, fixings, allergens, and supplement realities.

Food Nutrition FactsFood Nutrition FactsFood Nutrition Facts

What is Food Nutrition Facts?

Food Nutrition Facts is a plugin to display nutrition facts labels on the Product Detail View pages. The label looks exactly like the one approved by FDA and seen on your product packaging label allowing you to convey the product’s healthiness in a visual format.

With this plugin, display customized nutrition labels, complete with different nutritional components. Use this plugin as a nutrition data directory for the products on your app.

How it works?

Install the Food Nutrition Facts plugin on your app to transfer the nutrition table for products from your e-commerce store to the app and display it on the product detail view pages.

  • Fill in the meta field data of the product.

  • The nutrition facts for that product get directly displayed.

  • The display design follows the FDA-approved format.

  • Supports vitamins, minerals, ingredients, allergens, and supplement facts.

  • Add nutrition labels to any product page on the app.

How Food Nutrition Facts will help you?

Add nutrition facts or supplement facts labels to any product page on your app by installing the Food Nutrition Facts plugin on Swipecart.

  • Help customers make informed buying decisions.

  • Improve brand credibility.

  • Increase customer confidence and trust.

  • Boost conversion and sales.