Hideout Products

Avoid upsetting customers by clearly hiding sold-out or out-of-stock products on the category pages. Temporarily conceal the unavailable products and instead show things that are available and ready to ship.

Hideout ProductsHideout ProductsHideout Products

What is Hideout Products?

Prevent customer disappointment by not displaying out-of-stock/ stock unavailable products and directing their attention to currently available products. The Hideout Products plugin helps you to stop customers from exploring products that you cannot presently ship to them.

Avoid losing sales and a drop in customer engagement by displaying out-of-stock products. Instead, opt to hide unavailable products and boost customer retention possibilities. Satisfy customers in a unique way with the Hideout Products plugin.

How does it work?

Conceal out-of-stock products and highlight available and ready-to-ship products. It’s really quite simple how it works. Easily toggle a switch to show or hide out-of-stock products whenever you want.

  • Hide products that are not available

  • Toggle the Hide products switch

  • Choose if your want to hide/show out-of-stock products

  • You can opt to change it wherever you want

How Hideout Products will help you?

Install the Hideour Products plugin in your Swipecart app to hide out-of-stock products from being displayed on the shop page, product category, search results, related products, upsells, and cross-sell sections.

  • Prevent customer disappointment

  • Reduce bounce rates

  • Divert customers to available products

  • Boost conversion & sales