Instant Search

Give instant in-app product-finding experiences to your customers. Let them quickly search for what they have come to your app using Swipecart’s Instant Search.

Instant SearchInstant SearchInstant Search

What is Instant Search?

The search bar allows your users to have a faster, smoother, and more convenient finding experience. The search bar ensures that users get accurate results in one go without much need to scroll soo much to find the item in an app.

Swipecart’s Instant Search plugin will also add benefits to your app UI. The powerful search helps increase revenue by displaying exactly what the user wants.

How does it work?

You can optimize search filters and visual discovery to boost app engagement. Instant Search can boost sales by providing users with accurate and relevant search results.

  • Increase app engagement with a fast, easy-to-use search & filter tool.

  • Increase engagement with popular search results

  • Convert more with mobile-optimized results display

How will Instant Search help you?

Quick, accurate in-app search improves the app user experience while giving company executives the eCommerce resources they need to prosper.

  • Retaining users

  • Higher revenues

  • Improved UI

  • Accurate search results

  • Stay competitive