Set thresholds for minimum/maximum order limits and shipping & delivery on your store to boost operational efficiency. Alert customers when their cart is close to the minimum order value for shipping & delivery or when they have added more/less products than the set threshold limit. Increase average order value and improve conversion rates.


What is MinMaxify?

MinMaxify plugin allows merchants to set up thresholds for product order limits and delivery at checkout. Apply limit restrictions for specific products. Remind customers to increase/decrease quantity while adding to the cart.

Also, set a shipping & delivery threshold for your cart. Show the remaining amount to be eligible for delivery and encourage customers to buy more.

How it works

Easily apply restrictions on your cart ordering process. Set reminders for customers to add or remove from the cart before they can proceed to checkout.

  • Set rules for order limits to specific products

  • Set reminders for customers to add/remove products

  • Set a shipping & delivery threshold

  • Show the remaining amount to customers to be eligible for delivery

How will MinMaxify help you?

Set order limits for products in your store. Introduce a shipping & delivery threshold to make a big difference in sales and profits.

  • Make your inventory management efficient

  • Optimize business by controlling orders

  • Increase operational effectiveness

  • Raise average order value (AOV)

  • Boost conversion & sales