Mobile Login

Ensure that your app login process goes frictionless by allowing your customers to easily access your app using their mobile number & OTP.

Mobile LoginMobile LoginMobile Login

What is Mobile Login Plugin?

Swipecart features Mobile Login Plugin to ensure that the customers go through a seamless and safer login process simply by entering their mobile number and OTP.

Mobile app login is the easiest way to quick, authenticated, and highly secure login process. This plugin adds extra security to the login process and is also for user convenience.

How does it work?

To get this process in your app all you need to do is install the Mobile Login Plugin and activate it. Once the plugin is activated users will automatically see an option where they can easily log in to the app using their mobile number and OTP.

  • Install and activate the Mobile login plugin

  • Allow users to enter their mobile number & OTP

  • Fast & easy way to access the app

How will the Mobile Login Plugin help you?

The ultimate goal of the plugin is to ensure convenience to users in the app login process without compromising the app's security.

  • Add an extra layer of security

  • User convenience

  • Reduced friction