Multi Region

Add multiple e-commerce stores to your existing Swipecart app. Drive sales and profits by providing customers the option to select or switch between stores of their preference. Else, create replicas of your existing store and set a different currency & markup price for each.

Multi RegionMulti RegionMulti Region

What is Multi App?

The Multi Region plugin has two unique features. One is it allows you to add relevant & related multiple e-commerce stores into your existing Swipecart app. Customers can easily access or switch between stores of their preference through a drop-down option.

Else, another feature in it allows you to replicate the existing store and create multiple stores with different currencies & product markup prices to serve customers from different regions.

How it works

Leverage your existing Swipecart app to enhance the shopping experience of customers and give them the option to shop for products from multiple stores.

  • Add related & relevant stores to your app in a few steps

  • Create multiple currency-wise stores

  • Assign different product markup prices for each store

  • Customize store selection dropdown bar to suit app branding

  • Easy store access for customers

  • Easy switching between stores for customers

How will Multi Region help you?

Install the Multi Region plugin for your Swipecart app to help customers easily find the store that best suits their preferences or location and in the process discover new products and buy more.

  • Improve app engagement

  • Enhance shopping experiences

  • Help customers to discover new products & services

  • Increase sales and conversions