App Onboarding

Boost app engagement for first-time app users with attractive welcome popups. Let the user learn about what your app is all about and enhance the user's initial app experience.

App OnboardingApp OnboardingApp Onboarding

What is App Onboarding?

Swipecart's App onboarding plugin ensures that the first user experience is fantastic. The onboarding process simply takes the user through the interface and functionalities of the app.

App onboarding improves the user experience by allowing users to register their login details as well as collect information that can be used to send personalized content or notifications.

How does it work?

Present a walkthrough as you introduce users to what’s in your app. Introduce features for first-time app users with creative onboarding.

  • Compel users to come back for more

  • Improve retention through onboarding

  • Increase in-app experiences for customers

How will App Onboarding help you?

This method concentrates on what the software does instead of how to utilize it. These onboarding screens will also feature permission requests that users can choose to accept, such as location access or push notifications.

  • Creating an excellent first-time user experience

  • Reducing the possibility of user dropout

  • Increase app retention with suitable app onboarding.