Order Cancellation

Allow your shoppers to cancel their orders. Display this button on their order details page. The plugin acts as a single management system to manage the orders and stay organized. You can manage the order status and more.

Order CancellationOrder CancellationOrder Cancellation

What are Order Cancellation

Order cancellation is a plugin that helps the user by showing them a order cancellation button at their order details screen. The plugin also allows you to display the order processing status.

The plugin works a good order management system. If a customer places an order cancellation request, and the order is dispatched or in progress you can manage the refund for that order accordingly.

How does it work?

Get a complete list of customer orders, cancellations, and returns. Make it easy for your customers to customize their purchase with this plugin.

  • Improve delivery efficiency

  • Boost customer shopping experience

  • Increase sales for your online store

How order cancellation will help you

Order cancellations plugin is one of the most important trust boosters in e-commerce selling. If the customer sees that he can cancel the order and receive a refund, he will trust your company.The plugin will help you in:

  • Managing deliveries

  • Showing availability of order cancellation

  • Win the buyers trust

  • Allow you to give refunds as per order status