Product Meta Fields

Improve relationships with customers by keeping them informed about the pickup, delivery, expiration dates, and other information about products.

Product Meta FieldsProduct Meta FieldsProduct Meta Fields

What is Product Meta Fields?

The Product Meta Fields plugin helps you get an insight into the demand for goods and maintain ideal stock levels and optimize your inventory management.

Minimize lost revenue and give your customers the confidence to buy products by displaying important information. Improve trust and credibility and reduce the product return rate.

How it works

Install and activate the Product Meta Fields in the product widgets and Product Detail View page to display necessary information about products.

  • Select the type of product information to be displayed.

  • Enter the product meta field details.

  • Enter icon and label name for display

  • Select the business working days to calculate the pickup & delivery dates.

How Product Meta Fields will help you?

Using this plugin for products helps you in inventory management and customer satisfaction. It gives you an insight into the future demand for such products to help you manage your stock.

  • Better inventory management

  • Help customers make informed decisions

  • Gain customer trust and satisfaction

  • Boost brand credibility

  • Reduce product returns