Push Notification Popup

Use the push notification pop-up plugin to ask the user for permission to receive push notifications. This plugin will enable you to generate a prompt pop-up message that will be displayed in the app. And request that the individual click "Allow" to be subscribed.

Push Notification PopupPush Notification PopupPush Notification Popup

What is Push Notification Pop-Up?

A push notification pop-up is a small pop-up message that will appear on the user's screen requesting permission to allow for push notifications.

These prompts are useful because they enhance the possibility that consumers will continue to subscribe to your communications, and they are highly encouraged by app developers.

How does it work?

Collect subscribers instantly with an easy and intuitive pop-up marketing tool. Grow app revenue and boosts sales by converting customers into subscribers

  • Turn shoppers into brand loyalists

  • Boost repeat purchase orders

  • Increase the average lifetime value

How Push Notification Pop-Up will help you?

This plugin will help you reach the users who have installed your app and have allowed push notifications. Once a user has allowed push notifications. You can communicate your marketing messages to them.

  • Improve user retention rates

  • Allow permission for marketing messages

  • Increase app returns