Reward Points

Increase client retention, repeat purchases, and earn loyalty by rewarding your customers for their purchases. Add a reward points plugin to your app and take inventory advantage by removing certain items from rewards while promoting others in exchange for an extra reward.

Reward PointsReward PointsReward Points

What are Reward Points

Reward points is a plugin that will allow you to give your customers the advantage of reward points. You can integrate this plugin into your Swipecart app.

Customers can use these reward points to avail of a certain number of discounts while shopping. Once your customer accumulates a certain number of reward points they can redeem the points they have earned for their every purchase.

How does it work?

Launch your reward program with a minimal, easy, and quick setup. Power your loyalty and reward program campaigns that can help you increase your brand’s repeat purchases and boost brand loyalty.

  • Engage customers more effectively

  • Increase customer retention rate

  • Build strong customer relationships

  • Improve brand loyalty

How reward points will help you

Reward points captivate clients & encourage them to connect with the App/brand/ more frequently. The interactions therefore will help you:

  • Boost the revenue rate

  • Demonstrate a rise in client satisfaction.