Swipe Mode

Add a Swipe and Buy feature in the app for more, interactive buying experiences. The Swipe Mode features an addictive scrolling experience, all you need is a Swipe of a thumb to add a product to the cart or mark it as a favorite.

Swipe ModeSwipe ModeSwipe Mode

What is Swipe Mode?

Swipecart’s Swipe Mode Plugin ensures that the user does not lose interest while using the app. Swipe mode allows users to enjoy an addictive swiping experience when purchasing, which ultimately helps in increasing app engagement.

You can convert your shopping and checkout into mobile-friendly swipe-able experiences.

How it works

Make shopping enjoyable with interactive swiping and checkout processes.

  • Instantly increase the click-through-rate

  • Double app engagement & conversions

  • Increase the average stay time on the page

  • Boost the lifetime value of customers

How will Swipe Mode help you?

Swipe Mode will help you in creating intuitive buying experiences for your users. The Swiping experience will retain the users for a longer time on the app.

  • More user retention

  • Smooth experience

  • Allow users to explore more in the app