Mobile Wishlist

Incorporating Mobile Wishlist with Swipecart allows your customers to add their favorite items from your store to their personalized wishlist and purchase them in the future, all from your smartphone app. Add this plugin to your Swipecart-powered mobile app right and start offering your consumers additional reasons to return and purchase.

Mobile WishlistMobile WishlistMobile Wishlist

What is a Mobile Wishlist?

A mobile wishlist feature enables customers to create personalized collections of things that they want to purchase and save those in their user accounts for eventual reference.

Wishlists indicate a customer's desire for a particular item but no immediate intent to buy it. Customers may customize and arrange their wish lists using categories to keep all of their favorite items simply grouped for faster access and greater management.

How does it work?

If your consumers are unable to commit to a purchase at that time, the Mobile Wishlist plugin will allow them to save products for future purchases.

When your consumers return to your store, they will be able to immediately locate the products. It also functions as a quick method to recall the items that made the list.

How will Mobile Wishlist help you?

Customers will spend more time curating their favorites by categories, style, or utility on your smartphone app, resulting in a longer average session duration.

Increase consumer engagement: Mobile Wishlist little icon provides customers with additional options to connect with your application by making lists they enjoy.

  • It creates a more positive buying experience

  • Allows customers to name their wishlist

  • Use pop-ups to remind a customer to purchase the item in their wishlist