When was the last time you got a business lead from your website? If these are few and far between, it’s time to introspect. Your website is the ‘face’ of your business, it represents everything that your business stands for. You cannot just ignore this or take this lightly. You have to ensure your website ranks high in the Google Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) for new business opportunities.

Read on to know the reasons why you need the services of a Website Design Company to create a website as per the latest Web Design Trends that your competition is following. Does it make sense to sit idle when your competition is snatching away online leads that you could easily convert? I hope you’re getting the point here.

a. Your site takes ages to load

Seconds are all that matters when we talk about User Experience (UX). Studies have shown how people quickly lose interest in about 3 seconds if your website doesn’t load as expected. They then proceed to go to your competitor’s website. In other words, if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, you stand to lose potential business leads.

b. Your site isn’t developed for mobile use

When was the last time you checked the mobile version of your website? If it has been quite some time, it may not be mobile-friendly. With a mobile phone in practically every adult’s hands, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, people will just close the webpage window and move on to your competitors.

c. People do not stay long when they visit your website

Have you checked your website’s bounce rate? You can check it from Google Analytics or other software which shows how much time people spend on your website. If you have a bounce rate of more than 70 percent, it could mean people are just visiting one page before moving to the next ranked page on the SERPs.

d. People may find it difficult to find what they were searching on your website

The low bounce rate may also mean people do not get what they want from your website. If you are offering a product or service, or just general information about something, people typically should spend more time on your page and engage with a Call To Action(CTA) button. If they do not find what they want within a few seconds, they will move on to the next ranked page on the SERPs- aka your competitor.

e. Your blog/website isn’t shared much on social media

Almost one-fourth of website visits come from social media shares and posts. If people aren’t interacting well with your posts, it’s time to redo your website. Maybe your themes, content or infographics are outdated, or your content needs revision. Whatever be the reason, it is best to invest in a professional website development agency for the best results.

f. Your current website doesn’t show all the products/services that you offer

Your website needs to reflect everything that is going on in your business. If you haven’t updated your website for quite some time, getting it done immediately is the need of the hour. You would not want potential leads to ditch you just because there wasn’t the required information of your products/services.

g. Your competitors have gone a step ahead of you

When was the last time you checked your competitor’s website? What do they offer that you don’t? If your competitor is offering something unique, it is in your best interest to redevelop your website with features that can match the might of your competitors.

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How to prepare a strategy and roadmap for redesigning your website

Revamping your website is a huge project, irrespective of whether you are directly involved in it or if you have assigned this to a professional website design company. You got to plan, research and use a little foresight to ensure a successful revamp of the website in a time-bound manner and which satisfies your needs completely.

a. Set yourself a goal

Are you looking to make your website a lead-magnet? Do you want people to stay on the website for longer? Ask yourself these questions and set yourself or your website designer a goal that the website rehaul should achieve.

b. Ensure the website is user-centric

You wouldn’t want a website that people find difficult to browse, would you? Each and every aspect of the website should be easy to easy-to-use, especially on mobile and tablet.

c. Ensure easy navigability/ Good UI/UX

Your website visitors should be able to navigate each and every page easily. They should be able to understand everything that it offers. In technical terms, this is called User Interface/ User Experience ( UI/UX Design) of the website.

d. Focusing on the content is crucial

What makes a website interesting? The content, of course. The content should be user-friendly, easy-to-understand and to-the-point. All the blogs, website content, infographics and other copy should be user-centric and informative.

e. Set yourself a goal to launch the overhauled website

The more time you take to get the website overhauled, the more opportunities you miss with regard to potential leads that may be interested in your business.

A few last words

People prefer to search for products/services online rather than other means. It is, no doubt, extremely important to have a great online presence to entice people to interact with your brand. Traditional marketing methods are slowly becoming defunct. You cannot ignore the potential your website has to generate leads and get you good business.