Are you planning to exercise from home? What do you need to get you moving? A little nudge! Getting into the workout mode can be a challenge, particularly when all your activities happen at home.

It is not impossible, but you need someone who guides you, monitors you, tracks your activities, and provides motivation. So, what clicks for you to continue your exercises at home? Maybe, a fitness app can help!

Yes, a fitness app helps users to exercise from home. Given the current pandemic and health awareness, more and more people are taking the help of fitness apps to work out from the confines of their homes.

If you are a fitness expert or have resources to offer fitness services to customers, a fitness app would be a good business prospect. But the first thing that comes to mind is the fitness app development cost. Before we let you know the cost, we tell you of the fitness apps available in the market.

What are the types of fitness apps available in the market?

Some of the fitness apps focus on providing niche services, while many offer a combination of them. It all depends on the expertise you have and how you will present it to the users. Some users look for specific activities like meditation or Yoga in the app. Some look for multiple benefits. Let us talk about the types of fitness apps available in the market.

1. Workout Apps

The workout apps are the most popular among fitness apps. They offer a wide variety of services. It lists different categories of workouts and gives users options to select any from them. It can include gym workouts, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and mediation. The workout can be specific to any body part like the abdomen, hands, or legs.

These apps create workout plans or provide users the option to customize plans as per their needs. Usually, the diet is included in the custom workout plan. Many offer a holistic workout session for customers at premium prices.

2. Mindfulness/Meditation Apps

The apps for mindfulness have Yoga, meditation exercises, motivational talk, relaxation music, sleep stories, and much more in them. The apps usually follow a subscription pattern where the users pay for premium services.

One of the benefits of these apps is that the users stick to the services. The app owners can take advantage by offering personalized services like Yoga with expert gurus, motivational talk with experts, sell meditation music online, and many more.

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3. Personal Trainer Apps

The personal trainer apps provide training in fitness with expert coaching. There are two types of personal trainer apps. In one, the app lists all the available personal trainers and their expertise. Users book the course as per their preference.

In the other type, a reputed personal coach offers online fitness classes through a dedicated mobile app. The users subscribe to the classes or opt to have one-to-one coaching. The main benefit of personal trainer apps is to have tailored classes as per the user’s convenience.

4. Diet & Nutrition Apps

These are unique apps that help users control their food and diet. These provide a diet plan to the users. It contains healthy recipes and a diet chart to count the calorie intake. An attractive feature of this app is the standardized identification scanner. It scans the item to report the number of calories it contains to the user.

The apps also create grocery shopping lists as per the weekly diet schedule. They help the users stick to a diet goal and track activities like sleep, exercise, walking, and drinking water. It encourages controlled water balance and healthy eating habits.

5. Activity Tracking Apps

The activity tracking app uses the geolocation plugin to count the number of steps a user takes in a day. It also has other features like estimating the sleep time and sending reminders to the users about the exercise or sleep time. The advanced activity tracking app can be synced with a wearable like a watch to track the steps covered.

The users set their personal goals, and the app rewards them on goal accomplishment. The activity tracking apps use rewards like stickers and badges to retain users and encourage them to complete their tasks. Other than the primary activity tracking app, there are other tracker apps like the health condition monitoring app, mental health tracking app, and the woman health tracker app.

We have explained the types of fitness apps to have an idea of the essential features your app shall provide. There are some fantastic fitness apps in the market some of which are-

  1. Noom

  2. Strava

  3. Map My Run

  4. Nike Training Club

  5. 8fit

  6. Fitbit Coach

  7. Jefit and many others.

These are advanced fitness apps, and their development will cost you a minimum of $5000. The fitness app development cost depends, to a large extent, on the customization required.

Many factors affect the fitness app development cost.

  1. Features & functionalities needed in the app

  2. Type of platform

  3. Hours to complete the task

  4. The location from where you hire the services.

The features and functions depend on your business goals. What you want to achieve from the app and how you will achieve it pretty much defines the features and functionalities necessary in the fitness app. Talk to a reliable mobile app development company to have a clear idea of the app features and feasibility.

The type of platform depends on your intended audience. The iOS app is best to concentrate your app on the audience in the US, Japan, and European nations. The types of platforms to build the fitness app are-

  • iOS- Swift, C++

  • Android- Java

  • Cross-platform- Flutter, React Native

A cross-platform fitness app offers you the benefit of targeting a global audience. But the drawback is that it will not give your users a native mobile experience.

The specific hours are calculated to design and develop the fitness app. Calculate the work hours for-

  • Business ideation & structuring

  • Planning the fitness app layout

  • Designing the fitness app

  • Back-end fitness app development

  • Testing & debugging the app

  • Deployment & after-sale support

Lastly, the location from where you hire the services of a fitness app development company also counts.

  • USA

  • Eastern Europe

  • South-east Asia

The south-east Asian countries have the lowest cost per hour. But this is just one of the criteria. The fitness app development cost should be seen in its entirety and then decided.

There are plenty of fitness apps for users. The uniqueness of your app decides the number of downloads and users it gets. If you are interested in having your fitness app, talk about it with an app development company. It is the right time to build a fitness app and reap its benefits. Are you ready for it today?