Among the billions of websites online, how does a business get people to notice and visit its website?

How about Google Ads?

If you are willing to spend to get people to visit your website, try Google Ads.

But why do you have to opt for paid ads? Won’t organic SEO techniques suffice?

As we mentioned above, there are billions of websites on the net. 5.6 billion is the search volume Google gets every single day. With this huge volume of traffic, are you willing to wait for the organic search results to get at least to the top 5 pages of SERP?

So, is organic SEO bad? NO!

SEO takes time to deliver results.

But as you continue with your organic SEO efforts, it is better to try out the paid campaigns, specifically Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is a popular advertising tool. It lets business owners generate online advertisements in varied formats. With the Google Ads, you reach people who come on Google Search page for a specific product. In short, the ad is only shown to interested individuals.

Depending on the types of ads you create, your ad can appear on the Google search page results, on websites that a user visits, on different devices, or in selected locations and languages.

What are the benefits of Google Ads (Google Adwords)?

Google is the leader with a 92% search engine market share. Its market dominance and huge customer base can prove to be your campaign asset provided you are okay spending on it!

Here, have a quick glance on the 10 amazing benefits of Google Adwords-

1. It gives flexibility in advertising

With Google Ads, you can choose specific actions like-

  • Get business inquiry calls (Call Now option)

  • Get visitors to your website (Shop Now, Visit Website options)

  • Get visitors to install the app (Install Now, Download option)

  • Showcase your brand (video or image ads)

  • Get website visitors to take action (lead generation)

Google Ads provides different ad formats to customize your ads according to your marketing objectives.

2. It offers targeting

You can design your ads to be keyword-specific. You get the option to select the audience demographics, interests, preferences, location, and language. This implies that you show the ad only to interested people and filter out the rest. Also, with Google Ads, you can be more specific to re-target ads to site visitors who have left without buying or taking any desirable action.

3. You can advertise on any platform

With Google Ads, you can select the devices where your ad appears. You can set the preference to only mobiles or only laptops or a combination of mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

4. Testing the campaign

A prudent way to know which filters work the best is by opting for A/B campaign testing. Simply let the digital marketing experts create 2 to 3 campaign sets with different options. Select the one that works the best and discard the rest. This is a cost-effective method to know which ad works best.

5. It gives you fast results

You can design and start a campaign in a matter of minutes. Google Ads starts your campaign right away after its review. Also, if your campaign is well-strategized, you get to see instant results.

6. It lets you find about your audience

You might have a good idea about the type of visitors you want on your website. You devise a campaign by selecting options that fulfill the criteria. But do you know that Google Ads gives you better information about the visitors to your website? From age, gender, time, days, devices they use to the location, you get an awful lot of information from your campaign results. This helps you to tweak your campaign the next time to get a better ROI.

7. It is transparent

The analytics section in the Google Ads dashboard gives you ad performance metrics. A good digital marketing company will analyze the campaign result to improve it the next time. Google Ads gives campaign information like cost of clicks, the search keywords of your website visitors, CTR (click through rate), CPC (cost per click), impressions, clicks. The best way to study your campaign success is to link your Google Ads to Google Analytics.

8. Flexibility in spending

Google Ads gives you the option to select the spending amount on your campaign. You can set the amount limit for the entire campaign or narrow it down to cost spending per day for a specific period of time. And yes, you can even set the time or hours in a day for your ad display.

9. You pay only when someone interacts

When you use Google Ads for campaigns, you pay for the results. Even if you have set a limit for ad spending, you will be charged only for ad interaction. The interaction depends on the ad format that you have selected. It may be clicking to your website, clicking on the install button or watching your video ad.

10. Better ROI

Google Ads gives you options to optimize your campaigns. The key is to find the right strategy that suits your business interests. This is possible by continual testing, tracking results and improvisation. How much does Google Adwords cost? A minuscule, when you consider the ROI! Our best advice is to hire the services of a good digital marketing company to get your campaigns right. This way, you spend money on campaigns sensibly and expect a better ROI.

Wrap Up

Google Ads is a powerful advertising tool to enhance brand awareness. It gives business owners a unique opportunity to connect with the right audience. It gets visitors to your website that eventually leads to conversions and sales.