This is quite a difficult question to answer, a realistic response would be – it depends. Running a Google Ad cannot be done without any prior research- you need to understand many of its features before diving in.Many give up on Google ads when they did not get enough results due to inexperience. If you really want the best return on investment, you have to learn as much as you can for your Google ad campaign or place your trust in the hands of experts who offer PPC services (as Google Ads are sometimes called) with best results.For beginners, a more relevant question to answer would be-

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords, (now known as Google Ads) is an advertising platform where you can post ads to only those who matter. This could be anything from text, image, link, product listing, or even videos. These ads are measured in PPC (Pay Per Click) and users can find these ads at various places- Google SERPs, non-search websites, YouTube, or others.The best thing about Google Ads is that you decide to whom and where the ads will be shown. However, this too depends on a variety of factors. This includes the industry you’re in, the average Cost per Click(CPC) of the industry and the competition there is for each search term. (more on this later)

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads work on an auction basis. However, this does not mean those who have fat wallets will be the winners. In fact, Google ads work to create a level-playing field for all types of advertisers. Based on your ad type, it works on an auction basis, with many other aspects of the ad factored in

How the Google Ads Auction works – The Google Search Engine Result Page(SERP) example

Google matches the SERP result page query with the search query that advertisers are currently bidding on. Based on the volume of bids, the amount bid, and the competition for each bid, Google decides which ad will be shown where in the SERP. This seems simple, but Google does not just look at the bids when it comes to ad placements. What also matters is the ad’s quality score, the ad rank, ad relevance, alternative ad formats, devices used by the searchers and other factors.

Should you invest in Google Advertising?

Generally, the cost per click in Google Advertising is about $1-$2. As mentioned, this depends on various factors like industry, ad rank and so on. Depending on your industry’s ROI, you can choose to advertise on the Google network with a small budget to start with. Based on the response, you can increase your budget gradually for better ROI.For example, if you are in the real estate, accounting, or legal services sectors, you can have a higher CPC, with a higher ROI. To start with, you can invest $50 in Google PPC, where you can expect a few relevant leads which can help you recover the investment easily. As your contracts are fairly large, you can afford a $50 investment for a potential contract worth $10,000. Those in highly competitive businesses like FMCG, apparel, home décor, or travel industries may need to spend more but also get more leads with the opportunity for conversions and referrals. However, spending for your Google PPC ads is one thing, attracting users to your ad is another. For this, you have to-

  • Brainstorm high-quality and attention-grabbing ad copies

  • Select keywords to target that have slightly lesser competition as against the most relevant keywords.

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How to determine an optimal budget with Google Ads?

The optimal budget depends on your resources and the market conditions. The best way to forecast your Google Ads Advertising budget would be with the help of the Google Ads Cost Calculator. Based on your budget, this tool will allow you to forecast your target audience reach with the said budget. You can make various tweaks to the audience you want to target besides other factors. In other words, the Google Ads Cost Calculator will help you to estimate the Return on Ads Spent (ROAS) for your campaign. Additionally, you can also estimate the revenue per month, profit per month, sales per month and return on marketing investment per month using this tool.

Why advertise with Google Ads?

Google ads might seem a little complicated at first, but with the right professional help, you are sure to get the Return on Investment (ROI) you aimed for. If you are still skeptical of this amazing advertising platform, here are some benefits of advertising with Google Ads-

a. Real-time scalability

With everything on Google Ads happening in real-time, you can scale up or -down based on the response of the ad campaign. Google ads allow you to have multiple ads running simultaneously so that you can measure each one’s performance and allocate funds to those that are performing well.

b. Budget control

A Google ad campaign can be made for free. You can start your campaign with any amount and gradually increase (or decrease) your budget based on its performance. Though the outcome of your campaign may depend on the keywords you select and Google’s ad criteria, you can surely expect a great ROI in the form of sale-ready leads for your business.

c. Analytics

Google Ads lets you check all kinds of metrics in real-time. This includes the total number of views, clicks, conversions, the location of the conversions and so on. This will help you align your ad campaign based on the response your target audience has given to the ad.

A few last words

If you want to reach your target audience online, Google ads are one of the few platforms that help you do it easily, efficiently and quickly. This is a great way to get genuine leads online for your business consistently.Here at Rentech Digital, we help you get the most out of Google Ads for your business. Our team of experienced PPC executives ensures you get the most leads for your business through this medium.