Technology has brought meteoric evolution over the past few years and that has influenced the mobile app development landscape. Various small and mid-scale businesses are gaining an edge over the mobile market by adapting to the upcoming trends of 2021.

However, the standard security components, UI/UX impressions, and advanced features together blend the finest mobile app solutions to attain a standout impression from the crowd.

Entrepreneurs from all around the globe are evolving with mobile app solutions to surge their business growth and expand services and customer-reach widely.

And, mobile app development shows no signs of slowing down in the later future-an opportunity to strengthen your brand.

So, if you are planning to build the app for your business, here we have already described the expert-guided trends for 2021 to simplify your decision making.

A Quick Overview of Mobile App Development

Before hopping for Mobile App Development, let’s discuss the potential scope of Mobile App Development Trends.

According toStatista, the mobile market is mushrooming at a breakneck. Around 1.52 billion smartphones were sold in 2019. Where, users downloaded a record of 204 billion applications spending $120 billion on an in-app purchase, subscription, and in-app sending. It gave a combined revenue of $461.7 billion.

And this revenue is expected to soar high at a doubling pace crossing $935.2 billion by 2023.

All these statistics show the utmost importance of creating a seamless application with an excellent UI to pace along with the market growth. You can hire a Mobile App Developer to evolve with the tech specs and design a professional customer-oriented mobile application.

Here we have discussed the latest Mobile App Development Trends 2021 projecting to be the hottest of all.

1. The Magical version of AR & VR

Do you want to build gaming applications? These early versions of AR and VR will exhibit an immersion and social impression for your target users. The design of Pokémon Go is the perfect example of designing an app with Augmented Reality.

Simultaneously, with VR, you can improve object detection and map out the creation of a multi-touch interface. Through this, you can stretch the technological capabilities and build the credibility of your business through virtual experiences.

Thus, with the 3D environment, AR and VR designs will revolutionize the mobile app designing trends with a classic user experience.

2. In-App Gestures

It’s time to go buttonless – where everything interacts!

Clean Edgeless Screen Design is winning the show since 2019 where Samsung, Google, and Apple have brought a breakthrough to feel with future UIs.

It no longer forces the users to long press to switch the screen. The button-less nature is influencing the tap, swipe, and pinch to help users discover easily with a simple yet conceptualized interaction.

The Power of In-App Gestures

  • It is content-focused and makes app designs less clutter

  • Triggers interaction more intuitively

  • Reduces the steps in the user flow

“Swipe to Delete. Pull Down to Refresh. Gestures are the new clicks.”

3. Face ID

Do you remember your mobile unlocking password? Well, with Face ID you don’t need to!

Face ID has become one of the logging mobile app development trends that replaces the figure scanning and password input gestures.

This technological development has influenced the app authentication process increasing the scope of security for privacy measures.

With this app designing, you get a smooth user flow, facilitating an easy sign-in without inserting the passwords, phone numbers, or any social media profiles.

However, developers are still working to update with the most advanced impression.

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4. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has brought a storm in the technological arena by providing strong connectivity through automation solutions. According to the research conducted, IoT is expected to grow to $1567 billion by 2025.

These internet-powered applications have become a part of disruptive technology by controlling everything with a single touch through your smartphone.

But, how will it benefit the end-users?

Various SMBs are using IoT solutions for expanding their digital capabilities and enhancing customer experiences with Omni-channel strategies. Thus, IoT based mobile app development has provided a convenient environment that delivers better than expected results.

5. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Faster loading pages are also admired by users and thus Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) reducing the loading time and minimizes the bounce rate for a significant ranking in SEO.

You must look for an AMP Development Company that can upgrade your website into the AMP sites for enhancing mobile compatibility, and improving the visibility of your ad campaign.

Why are AMPs faster?

Accelerated Mobile Pages restrict the JavaScript and HTML/CSS that stresses upon the faster loading time. In simple words, it cuts down the HTML code tag manager and delivers the most relevant and suitable ones for the mobile application.

Thus, AMP has become a ranking factor and helps with SEO to get more click-through from the organic search result.

6. 5G Technology

An introduction to 5G technology has brought an era of “intelligent connectivity” impacting the mobile app development trends.

According to a new GSMA study, 5G network is on track to account for 15 percent of global mobile connections by 2025. This will minimize the connectivity gap giving you a platform to connect the audience from any corner of the globe.

What are the advantages of 5G and how it benefits your business?

Emerging 5G technology has speed upgrades that increase the bandwidth and create the potential for data management and data transmission.

  • You can turn voluminous data into actionable knowledge

  • Optimize the network traffic and live stream the experience

  • Enable low to zero latency

  • Faster file transfer from one account to other

5G technology is 100 times powerful and faster than the 4G network improving the overall performance of the app.

7. Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Cloud-Based Apps are similar to web-based applications that run smoothly on both platforms. These applications save and fetch the data directly from the cloud, minimizing the demand for internal storage.

The mobile cloud market is expected to reach $118.70 billion by the end of 2025 bringing notable innovations to mobile app development. These apps are ruling multiple niches from health care to gaming and finance and business.

Additionally, cloud-based apps hold an intrinsic value due to the following features-

  • Offers a seamless data integration

  • Does not require installation

  • It requires a lesser development time

  • Data security is easy and quick

Thus, these apps streamline the app development process and drive the modern business ahead. So, hire the most advanced Mobile App Development Company to develop a cloud-based app for your business.

8. Wearable applications

Wearable applications are buzzing the trend for since long showing explosive growth with the advanced versions.

Apps with wearable devices are in huge demand now especially in the health and fitness sector monitoring the stats with just one click.

However, the demand for such an application is expected to reach $57,653 million by 2022 . Among all, the smartwatch devices are expected to grow with a CAGR of 19.9%. – the fastest ever.

This shows really a golden opportunity to create apps in sync with a wearable to rule the global market exponentially.

9. Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is the newest trend that adds a premium set of features and functions to a varied mobile application.

Beacon is a small and battery-operated wireless device that sends the signal to other smartphones. It is more of a location-based technology that cuts the gap between digital and physical.

This technology provides you information regarding the behavior of users so you can capture the customer’s attention by offering the products as required. Beacon technology is a perfect example of AI that expands the database and generates engagement.

Entrepreneurs are using this technology, especially in the retail sector to track the buyer’s behavior in stores.

10. Applications for flip phones

Flip Phones has been symbolized with the luxurious category due to its sophisticated outlook. However, with the launch of in-app gestures and button-less versions, the demand and craze for flip phones slow down.

But, this trend is waving back with the most authentic features and functions that require a smart developer to develop a customized application.

Companies like Samsung and Huawei have already launched their first batch of foldable smartphones. In 2021, these phones will make a massive announcement that demands app development with advanced functions.

Wrapping up the Mobile App Development Trends 2021

Thus, the mobile app development trends are ever-changing and all-pervasive. With the revolution in technology, these trends for 2021 aim at providing convenience to the users and app developers for bringing the best solutions for your business.

The future of the mobile market is wide and expected to grow exponentially with the growing years. Thus, this is the right time to step your business into the digital foot to make it accessible to a global audience and attract them with the latest mobile app trends.

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