708 million! This is the number of WordPress sites in 2022.

It powers nearly 44% of the web. 14% of the world’s top 100 websites are built on WordPress. What makes this content management system (CMS) so popular? This blogging tool developed into a powerful website builder is easy to use and flexible to customize.

If WordPress is so popular how can WordPress developers be left behind? This community has contributed 346k lines of code for the WordPress core since its creation. There are about 50k coders who have contributed to WordPress development.

Businesses wanting to establish their website on WordPress are seeking out developers to help them with the technical challenges. WordPress development is a much-sought job and there are many companies hiring a permanent coder or a freelancer to create and manage their website. A skilled WordPress developer can make anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 per year depending on their proficiency.

A WordPress developer works on the frontend or backend or both and creates custom WordPress sites, plugins, and themes. There are many tasks a WordPress developer can do. Some contribute to the WordPress codebase, while some design themes for it. Some create custom plugins and APIs while another WordPress developer may be proficient in migrating an existing site to the WordPress platform. WordPress development is versatile and there is a multitude of skills one can choose from to be a WordPress developer.

How to become a WordPress developer?

One needn’t necessarily earn a college degree to be proficient in WordPress. You can learn it online. Also, once you are a pro, you can earn by either getting hired or becoming a freelancer. You can set your own schedule and work from anywhere. Being a WordPress developer gives you the flexibility and your dream income. But, upgrading your skills is a must if you are to remain relevant in this competitive world where there are thousands of WordPress developers.

1. Learn the basics of coding

The process of becoming a WordPress developer starts with understanding the basic software. A person has to be well-versed in coding. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL are the proficiencies required to build WordPress websites. You have to be skilled not only in building websites but also in troubleshooting, debugging, and extending the functionality of the platform.

For instance, PHP is essential to set up WordPress error logs on the client-side. With JavaScript, you can make external links automatically open in a new tab. With HTML & CSS, you can customize WordPress themes. You use MySQL to connect backend databases to the website.

2.Search for resources online

WordPress is a free open-source content management system. There are countless resources online for everything. From creating a website on WordPress to building plugins and themes, you have a vast repository of tutorials covering everything from basics to the complex technical aspects to help you become a skilled WordPress developer. Moreover, there are numerous forums, eBooks, videos, courses, and more for basic as well as advanced learners. WordPress itself has compiled a list of developer resources that includes handbooks for APIs, plugins, and theme development.

3. Select your area of expertise

The term WordPress developer is used in a broad sense. Actually being a WordPress developer, you can develop themes, plugins, or the website itself.

Core WordPress developer- These developers are proficient in coding WordPress core. They are advanced coders who review and analyze the code and suggest changes to reflect on the website. Since WordPress is open-source, they report security vulnerabilities and contribute to the overall development of WordPress.

WordPress theme developers- Theme developers are actually UI/UX designers who create the front-end of WordPress websites. They build themes that are in sync with WordPress software rules and regulations. The themes can be customized for colors, fonts, and elements.

WordPress plugin developers- Plugins are third-party software that can be integrated into WordPress sites to enhance their features and functions. The plugins may be for payment, SEO, social media integration, checkout, data import, and so on. Plugin developers create these plugins for WordPress.

WordPress website developers- These developers use available themes and plugins to build WordPress websites for end-users. They even customize the website as per the business need of the clients.

So basically, you can select your area of expertise based on your skills. WordPress requires quite intense work and dedication. You have to stay updated with the latest advancements in coding and technology if you have to be the best. Instead of trying out all areas, you can carve a niche for yourself in one area such as plugin or core WordPress.

4. Create a coding environment

Start step-by-step and learn from errors. Write small codes, test, troubleshoot, and then gradually move to an advanced level. Sometimes, a simple problem may go undetected and can cause major issues in the display or functionality of the website or plugin. The more you practice basic skills, the better you will be at troubleshooting. Also, since security is a major concern, your code has to be clean, safe, and concise. Take part in group activities and competitions in your community and online so that you can learn and exchange new ideas. Experimentation is the key to learning quickly. Upload your code on any cloud-based repository so that you can manage and share it with others.

5. Connect with WordPress community

Social media platforms and online resources such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Quora, and even the official WordPress Support have some of the most active support systems for WordPress. Be active in such communities for they are crucial to you becoming a skilled WordPress developer.


There is no definitive course or book that helps you become a WordPress developer. It largely depends on your interest and passion. You have to start and not procrastinate. Brush up on your basic coding skills from time to time even when you have reached the advanced level. Decide on your skill and get started right away.

The more dedicated you are to learning, the better your chances of becoming a skilled WordPress developer in 2022.

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