In this technology era, tasks are getting automated. Creating an e-commerce store also has come a long way from building it from scratch to designing it using simple drag and drop tools. Wix and WordPress are among the popular platforms that enable you to create your own online store.

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that includes web hosting and design services intended to build a website with ease. Its Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) recommends templates based on user needs. The Wix Editor uses a standard drag-and-drop tool to help users to custom design their website. The benefit of creating a website on Wix is that you can use any reliable e-commerce app builder to convert your Wix e-commerce store into a mobile commerce app.

Wix or WordPress, which is better for your business? This is not an easy question to answer. But let us compare the main differences between them and see their pros and cons.

WordPress is a popular open-source content management system (CMS) that uses the WooCommerce plugin to help users create an e-commerce store. Since WordPress was specially created to publish blogging websites, it provides good support to the SEO part of the e-commerce stores. Your WordPress e-commerce store can also be converted easily into a shopping app with Swipecart.

Wix or WordPress, which is better for your business? This is not an easy question to answer. But let us compare the main differences between them and see their pros and cons.

Ease of use

Wix is easy to start with. As a user, you sign up and in your onboarding process, it asks about your website needs. Its Wix ADI recommends some templates and the Wix website builder wizard guides you to create your own online store from start to completion. A user uses its drag-and-drop editor to create pages and place elements on the page. In fact, you can build your website within a few minutes using Wix.

WordPress can be a little intimidating for a layman. There are several steps such as website hosting and connecting your website’s domain name before you start installing and setting up the theme. After completing the design, you have various plugins to install to enable crucial functions such as e-commerce, SEO, and a host of others.

Wix wins when it comes to the matter of ease of use.


When it comes to customization, Wix offers hundreds of fully responsive templates to choose from. It also has 250+ apps from form builders to reservation systems that can be integrated into your website.

WordPress officially has lesser themes but a user can select themes from third-party such as ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, Themeisle and import them to WordPress. There are nearly 50000 plugins available on and you will have a tough time selecting the best plugin for your site.

So when it comes to customization, WordPress is better than Wix.


In Wix, the security factor is completely controlled by their experts. The user’s security is limited to basic two-factor authentication. The complex security aspect is the job of Wix.

In WordPress, the onus of security lies on the user’s shoulders. They have to take steps to boost security such as choosing the right host, checking for errors, and updating plugins. To keep it short, your site’s security depends on you in WordPress.

So, when it is concerned with security, WordPress wins because the user gets to secure their site in their own ways.


Wix has strong customer support in the form of chat and callback. But the flip side is that the automated messages quite don’t help in resolving specific issues. So, getting your queries answered is a wee bit of a challenge. But the response time is thankfully less than 24 hours.

WordPress is open-source software. It has a strong community of developers and the internet is filled with resources to help users resolve issues. The plugins receive support from their developers. So support is not an issue in WordPress.

Both Wix and WordPress score equally in security.

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Wix was previously lax in SEO. However, they have now improved and provide users with features such as 301 redirects, adding canonical URLs to the page, customizable URLs, titles, and descriptions. They also provide page caching and image compression but loading speed improvement is a bit of an unresolved issue in Wix.

WordPress offers matchless features in SEO. They have strong plugins such as Yoast that give limitless options to make your website SEO strong. They also have plugins to cache and minify the pages.

In SEO, WordPress is undoubtedly the leader and better than Wix.


Wix offers a free plan but with limited features and options. If businesses have to deliver a branded experience, they might have to shell out anywhere between $50 to $500 per month to make their e-commerce store powerful and interactive.

The cost of web hosting in WordPress is less. But for a website to function with the latest features and functions, users have to buy good themes and plugins. But the plus point is that there are a host of free plugins and less-cost themes that will still deliver useful features in your e-commerce website.

When you compare WordPress and Wix in costing, we go with WordPress.

Website ownership and portability

As previously mentioned, Wix scores in ease of use because you are building the website on its servers, using its ready templates and apps. But the flip side is that you own nothing except the content on the website. So, if you are not satisfied with its pricing or options and decide to move to another new platform, it is quite a task.

On the contrary, you own the WordPress site. This makes it easy for you to port it from one platform to another. You can even export the website elements, data, and content to an external backup. Many different hosting providers support the WordPress platform. So, the export to other hosting solutions or the import to WordPress hosting from other platforms is easy and fast.

WordPress wins in the ease of website ownership and portability.

So, is it Wix or WordPress?

Simple, study the pros and cons. There is no one common solution to whether Wix is the best or WordPress. It depends on your business needs. Both are great in their own ways and you can choose from among the two to create your own online store.

Our suggestion is to go with Wix if you need a simple website for the local market. It is easy to create a website in Wix and has less of a learning curve. You can easily manage local online services with a Wix website. But if you are a serious e-commerce brand offering powerful online features, we would suggest you go with WordPress. As a business owner, you can harness the power of WordPress to convert your brand into a multichannel online sales engine.

Whatever you choose, we have a simple e-commerce app builder to convert your e-commerce store into a mobile app. Just like WordPress and Wix, Swipecart allows you to easily design an app with a powerful drag-and-drop tool. You don’t have to create an app from scratch. And no coding is required. Swipecart offers third-party plugin integration to make your app engaging and user-friendly. You can choose the advanced or enterprise plan to get additional features such as segmented push notifications, customizable themes, dedicated app converter expert, marketing & analytics dashboard, and much more. All these come at an unbelievably affordable rate.

Try Swipecart and open new channels to increase your online sales. If you are interested in converting your WordPress or Wix website into an app with our powerful e-commerce app builder, we will gladly assist you now.