Apple has finally launched its latest and newest device software featuring improvements that will impact how advertisers and marketers communicate with customers on mobile. At Apple's WWD conference, the tech giant highlighted the upcoming software updates for the iPhone.

iOS 16 is a substantial launch with improvements and features that will transform the way you enjoy the iPhone. Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineer Craig Federighi remarked.

"With exciting new features that make it more personal and helpful, we have reimagined how the Lock Screen looks and works, introduced iCloud Shared Photo Library for families, streamlined communication through new capabilities in Messages and Mail, and harnessed enhanced intelligence with updates to Live Text and Visual Look Up."

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There seemed to be anticipation that Apple may use the annual event to unveil a wearable gadget — a headgear for examining augmented reality (AR) graphics. Over years, the business has hyped the potential of augmented reality technology to alter how humans communicate with their actual environment or with one another. However, the only gear on exhibit were new MacBook notebooks powered by the company's speedier M2 CPU.

Upgrades to the iPhone's lock screen, new Apple Pay services, and increased privacy limits, including modifications to commercial ads in video streams that people can watch via SharePlay are increasingly significant for advertisers.

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Whereas the previous iOS releases have been largely devoted to data protection, iOS 16 contains various new customization capabilities that "transform the way people use iPhone."

Individuals have grown more guarded and selective as far as how they connect with companies & also what details they are willing to provide. Apple takes notice, as seen by prior improvements such as App Tracking Transparency (ATT) or Hide My Email (HME). These changes benefit customers, but also have an influence on how we promote & making it increasingly challenging to be noticed.

The improved customization options in iOS 16 appear to be an outgrowth of these customer privacy demands, providing iPhone customers with even greater choice over the way they operate their devices.

As a marketing professional, particularly if you control your company’s cross channel marketing stream, you should be informed of one function Apple released in iOS 16 for the people in September: the capability to filter text messages as per promotions, transactions, and garbage. Here is everything you must know.

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Lock screen personalization

iOS 16 would give iPhone owners more control over the information they see before entering/unlocking their devices. The iPhone's lock screen will now display alerts, the date, time, and several buttons for rapidly accessing the torch or camera.

All those who use the iPhone can now modify screen typefaces, allow a slideshow of photographs, or add widgets similar to Apple Watch intricacies with the personalization capabilities in iOS 16. Furthermore, the update includes customizable lock screens for various concentration modes, which work as a "do not disturb" option for apps. Marketers who deliver opt-in alerts or push notifications to iPhone consumers may find these features inconvenient.

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More alternatives for text message filtering

iPhone users may already segregate text messages from unknown sources (those who aren't recorded in their contacts) into a different section. To do so, they must enable this functionality, which isn't the usual Messages option.

Users will have new choices for screening text messages with iOS 16. Apple is launching additional categories & subclasses for content filtering, akin to Gmail's "Promotions" page, namely Transactions, Promotional offers, or Spam.

There is one snag. Apple's SMS filter is now only available to consumers in Brazil & India. They have still not said when they plan to spread this to new nations. Rather, Apple is allowing developers to create 3rd party filtering applications based on its API, which means iPhone owners will have to install a 3rd app if they want to filter content.

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API for collaboration

The Collaborative API will aid in link sharing, allowing for live collaboration. Apple's applications have had live collaboration capabilities for a while, but they're now extending & combining these more — replete via Share Sheet as well as a 3rd party API to link your applications. This will enable distinct, anonymized user IDs to safeguard user privacy plus, eventually more direct collaboration than previously before. What this means for marketing departments- You will indeed be capable of integrating your app's collaborative capabilities into Messages & FaceTime using the Sharing with You framework & Collaboration API. In addition, you can display content from your application in a shared with You section inside your application.

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Urge prospective subscribers to preserve your contact information

When we're not sure how many iPhone owners will desire these additional search filters if these require the installation of an app—they can still filter messages from unfamiliar sources.

If you would like your text messages to arrive in your subscribers' primary SMS inbox, give people your contact card (which includes your brand's name, logo, as well as other information) & encourage them to register you as a connection/contact on their phone. You may send users various sorts of MMS material, including video messages, once they have registered you as a connection. Contact cards can enhance brand identification & brand loyalty by letting your communications feel more personalized, in addition to guaranteeing that your SMS is viewed by your most committed subscribers. Clients will receive the identity of your business & your logos rather than your unique code or toll-free number every time you send them a text. This can be quite a tough approach for marketers to get in users' contact list. In contrast to this push notification serves as the easiest and best direct marketing route to get to the user at the right time. As SMS are getting outdated push notifications are getting more prominent with robust results in the mobile marketing sector.

Consider these advantages when Apple changes the way notifications show on the Lock Screen in iOS 16. They'll appear at the bottom of the display, so users may choose between enlarged, stacking, or count views. If a subscriber sees your brand's identity & logo, the SMS message will most probably be far more powerful but however they are getting outdated and will serve less part in the near future of mobile marketing.

Push notifications as the best marketing practice for iPhone marketing

SMS or text msg are no longer going to be on the front shortly. SMS are now replaced by push notifications for more personalized customer experiences. After Apple’s iOS 16 updates if your marketing approach does not include iOS push notifications you are wasting a valuable customer engagement source.

According to data, around 43% of iOS users opt-in to get push notifications, which means you're missing out on almost half of your consumer base. Not only that, but the effectiveness percentages for push notifications are excellent. A push notification will be clicked on by about 10.3% of users, resulting in a lot of growth prospects for your organization. We describe iOS push notifications in detail below, along with the top five advantages of employing them to aid your business.

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What are push notifications on iOS?

iOS push notifications are brief alerts that appear on a patient's Apple device, maybe an iPhone, iPad, or desktop running the iPhone OS to notify them of a reminder, offer, or call-to-action. Push notifications are a useful tool for implementing a cross-communication approach. They enable a much more robust manner of engaging with your consumers & expanding on the engagement route. The following are the primary iOS notification classifications:

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Push Notifications for iOS Devices

iPhone (mobile) push notification

Smartphone or mobile push notifications also referred to as mobile push alerts, In-App, or application push notifications are delivered once a consumer installs your app and opts in to receive alerts on any of Apple's iPhones, iPads, or Mac.

iOS wearables push notification

When a wearable gadget, like an Apple Watch, syncs with the alerts on a recipient's iOS mobile phone, push alerts are delivered.

The Top 5 Advantages of iOS Push Notifications

Increase User Retention

It's pointless to have an application if no one utilizes it. The objective is to persuade people to download your application & continue to engage with it even after they have done so. The very first step is the easiest. Getting people to utilize it is a very different scenario.

According to statistics, one in every 4 apps is only utilized once within the initial six months of being downloaded. According to reports, delivering an onboarding push message to a recently acquired client during the first week may enhance retention rates by 71%.

Gentle reminders, vital news, or targeted promotions & discounts can keep new or dormant users back to your app. This strategy, when used wisely, can improve your client retention rate.

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Real-time alerts

You get the flexibility & liberty to automate tailor push notifications depending on user behavior with real-time notifications. Such features are not available in text messages. There are several SaaS & marketing tools like Swipecart available to assist you in determining when your customers are generally active, how frequently they are involved, plus their habits while engaging with your application. You can leverage this information to categorize your viewers and ensure that the material you deliver is relevant, current, and tailored.

iOS push messages enable you to give your consumers real-time information and responses. There's no need to stand in line for them to read an email or scroll through an ad. Push notifications can also be delivered straight to their smartphone at their most active times. Does it get anything easier than this?

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Increase Brand Loyalty

Numerous firms have spent huge amounts of their marketing budgets over the last decade to build an experience that really can live within the grasp of their intended audience. It is not sufficient to have a fantastic brand or service, and then in competitive marketplaces, businesses must go above & beyond exceptional customer service to generate a pleasant user experience.

There are countless iPhone applications available, with an application for almost every sector. Your application will receive very limited screen time if there is no brand engagement or loyalty.

Improve the user experience by providing interesting material. Share current corporate info or new app updates, fresh promotions or deals, helpful tips, or customized notes like "Happy Anniversary!" Such alerts are not just to capture the viewer's attention, but with the appropriate technique, push notifications could have a positive effect on how consumers perceive your business.

When customers are committed to a brand, individuals will tell others about it! Finally, brand fans assist you to build your business by providing longer customer lifecycles, and favorable evaluations, including descriptive adjectives. There is no greater marketing than that.

Customers that refer your company to a buddy, close relative, or professional acquaintance are effectively putting their faith in you. The kind of services you deliver to the new client may influence their image & status. If you treat them poorly, you risk losing both new & existing clients. You may lose prospective clients as a result of unfavorable word-of-mouth.

If you serve the new client well, you will get a return from them. In response, they may suggest you to their colleagues, relatives, or business associates, enabling you to massively develop your business. What's more, the finest part? Word-of-mouth marketing is completely free.

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Increase participation

A strong iOS push marketingapproach may increase customer engagement by up to 88% in addition to enhancing customer retention & customer loyalty. The power of push alerts is that firms can communicate & interact with their clients without them having to be logged into the app. It's a method of connecting with them immediately.

Push notification marketing plans are now easier for both businesses as well as the customer. When a notice arrives on their display, users just tap it. It takes them directly to your application where they can explore, shop, & learn further about your company.

Push messages on iOS provide consumers with a simple method to get various types of information with a clear call for action. User involvement may be increased by offering sales promotions, events, coupons, as well as other pertinent information about your brand.

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Boost conversions

A user's transition from not a client to a client is referred to as a conversion. They progress from not even having acquired services or products from their firm to doing so. Turning clients may be difficult for organizations, particularly since so many will merely browse around a store or add products to the carts, just to ditch them afterward. Choosing a brand may be frustrating at times, particularly when there are so many to choose from.

‘When you have an intrigued customer on the board, you must gradually but steadily draw them in. Push notifications help people stay connected by telling them, "Hi! We are still around. We have all these great merchandise/offers for you, plus here's a deal!" When contrasted to other identical marketing techniques or channels like SMS marketing, well-crafted, tailored iOS push notifications have proved to enhance conversion rates by 4x times.

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Overall, alerts are a great approach to expanding your brand, but they ought to not be your sole tactic. It's critical to first comprehend your target audience so you can strike the perfect equilibrium between capturing their attention without bombarding them with obtrusive messages.

iOS Push notifications, when combined with the correct omnichannel marketing strategy and technologies, may connect your audiences in ways that deliver genuine value, raise brand recognition, or improve retention. You could create an app for your online store and run a perfect push notification campaign with Swipecart in just mins. Try it now.!