Shopping cart abandonment & decline in conversion rates on a checkout page may appear to several website owners to be an unfortunate aspect of e-commerce life. But this does not have to be the case. In reality, you may boost conversion rates on your payment page by assisting your customer in making an informed, educated decision. Read out this checklist & employ it to improve the conversion rate of your checkout page.

When seeking strategies to increase sales on their websites, online businesses sometimes overlook checkout page optimization. They primarily concentrate on e-commerce web design, product photography, & the consumer journey. Nevertheless, there is another aspect of the consumer experience that they should consider.

We believe that a stunning e-commerce website design is essential because it generates the initial impression & engages customers to join the sales funnel.

When it comes to e-commerce website creation, our team believes that a quick & fast checkout procedure is just as crucial as other online store aspects like product page specs or CTA buttons.

Even yet, if your online store is new, not every online consumer will make a purchase. As a result, seven out of ten website visitors will quit their purchasing cart. Even to this day, 20 years after online shopping began, users of e-commerce websites remain concerned about credit card data & additional personal information. Online businesses must demonstrate the security of their website to gain consumers' trust.

Using checkout page optimization strategies, you may make your clients more devoted to your items.

In terms of relevance, the checkout page is the most important component of an eCommerce website. It refers to the page that generates conversions, or the location where visitors become clients.

Your website may have an appealing appearance and an easy-to-use interface. You may also have a diverse product offering, but this will just serve to attract visitors to your website. Yes, everything is vital, but none of it counts if a large portion of your site traffic does not proceed past the checkout process.

Simply put, a high cart abandonment rate indicates that shoppers add items to their carts but subsequently decline to purchase when they approach the checkout step.

Cart abandonment can occur for a variety of reasons. A few of the reasons for cart abandonment, as per data acquired by the Baymard Institute, are given below.

Did you know that 70% of carts are abandoned? The percentage illustrates the fact that shopping cart abandonment costs e-retailers a lot of money. The greatest way to reduce cart abandonment & increase conversions is to optimize your checkout page, which is what I will discuss today.

In this post, I will provide the top 10 best checkout page optimization strategies to help you regain lost revenues.

Follow the eCommerce checkout best practices listed below to help ensure a seamless checkout process & a smooth shopping experience for your clients.


1. Offer guest checkout to avoid forced sign-ups.

From a merchant's perspective, it's natural that they desire to collect consumer information for marketing efforts, but businesses also ought to recognize that not everybody wants to participate in marketing campaigns, discounts, or newsletters.

Although the percentage of such clients is small, it affects your sales.

So, instead of requiring registration, include a Guest Checkout option on your e-commerce site to prevent the requirement to register an account. It is among the top e-commerce checkout optimization methods.

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2. Include alternatives for social login

Although some users do not wish to register, others are hesitant to do so. Whenever a registration form appears on the checkout page, the transaction process is disrupted & the user experience is affected.

Because some websites have a prolonged registration process, users may leave their cart & exit the business.

You may assist such visitors by providing a social login option, similar to Facebook login & Google login.

By lightening up the registration procedure, social login opens the path for a rapid checkout while still maintaining the checkout flow.

Because the visitor already is logged into the social media network she or he utilizes to sign into the site, it is a one-click signup.

One of the most successful checkout optimization strategies is a social login.

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3. Provide free shipment or reduce freight costs

Another eCommerce checkout optimization approach would be to offer customers free delivery.

Heavy shipping costs have long been a source of frustration for online customers, & it is no surprise that they are the leading cause of shopping cart abandonment as per Baymard’s cart abandonment data.

Clients are forced to leave their carts due to the additional amount applied at the final checkout stage. Some e-commerce businesses impose exorbitant delivery fees, which might deter customers from making a purchase.

Offering free delivery might be an excellent approach to decrease cart abandonment & convince prospects to complete a purchase.

A free delivery may undoubtedly increase conversion rates. Customers are delighted whenever the product quantity remains constant throughout

And you don't have to give up your profit. You can change the product price slightly to cover the delivery costs.

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4. Offer a variety of payment options & shipping services

Extending your payment & delivery choices is one of the best practices for the checkout page.

Approximately 6% of online buyers quit the checkout page owing to a shortage of payment options, whereas 4% are forced to purchase when their credit card is denied. So around 10% of the population is experiencing payment difficulties.

It may be overcome by providing a variety of payment choices. It is also significant since various clients place their faith in different payment methods. Allow users to select their preferred payment mechanism from a menu of possibilities. It will increase the conversion rate.

Aside from credit & debit cards, you should also integrate digital wallets such as PayPal, Google Pay, or Cash on Delivery.

Therefore, you should offer a variety of delivery options to your customers. Because different shipping companies have varied delivery schedules, let customers choose how fast they want their goods delivered.

Several shipment service providers even promise 1-day delivery, which may be quite useful, particularly for a customer who needs his or her product within 24 hours.

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5. Make use of Exit Popup

Another checkout optimization strategy would be to entice consumers with appealing offers or discounts as they are prepared to leave your site after partially completing the complete checkout procedure.

Even if you are not able to determine the exact reason why the customer is abandoning the online store, you must make every effort to urge them to complete a purchase until the very end.

It is possible to accomplish this by utilizing the Exit popup functionality. It monitors the user's mouse click and shows your business offers when the customer is about to leave.

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6. Think about employing a one-page checkout

Implementing a Site Checkout, also known as one-page checkout, on your website is one of the greatest methods to improve your checkout process.

By putting all of the checkout information on a single page, this checkout optimization streamlines the checkout process. It provides an easy, quick, & comfortable checkout experience, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

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7. Make use of Google Auto-fill & Inline Validation

Allowing Google Auto-address to full functioning on your website will save consumers time & allow them to check out swiftly.

As immediately as the user puts his or her address into the address field, the address choices appear. When you select an address, the remainder of the address fields is automatically filled in.

You must also include the option of using the delivery address as the billing address.

Enable Inline Validation in addition to autofill (also called Data validation). It assists a user in identifying errors when filling out the checkout areas. Whenever the user goes amongst fields, it verifies to see if the user's inputs are accurate.

Each of these approaches is critical in eCommerce checkout optimization.

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8. Showcase Security Badges

People, particularly new visitors, frequently have reservations about a website's security. They don't trust a site readily, thus they are cautious while entering their financial information.

Make visitors feel confident that the payments are safe on your website. Show them the confidence seals. It can feature a pay options logo, security badges like Norton, McAfee, & Padlocks, or just a simple sentence that says "Fast & safe payment."

To preserve confidence, you should also apply an SSL Certificate to your website.

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9. Optimize your checkout to mobile-friendly

Most individuals nowadays prefer to purchase online using their mobile phones.

As per Statista, 72.9% of all retail e-commerce will be produced through m-commerce by 2022 and further , which is why online firms are focusing more on comfortable mobile web to assure their visitors have a flawless checkout process not only through desktops as well as from a hand-held device.

Therefore, if you desire high conversions from mobile devices, make certain your payment gateway is mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly payment gateway is critical for optimizing checkout pages.

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10. Show the Progress Bar

Although I recommended a one-page checkout above, if you're not a lover of a single-page checkout, you may continue with the multi-step checkout procedure as long as it shows a success bar.

A prolonged checkout procedure might irritate consumers, especially if they have no clue how much it will take.

Assist them by providing a success bar/progress meter so they know what actions they must take to finish the checkout. When people can monitor their checkout process, they are less inclined to leave the website.

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By following these guidelines and taking deliberate measures, you will gradually transform the checkout procedure of your online business.

Any consumer would be thrilled & delighted if they discovered a straightforward browsing site with a variety of payment choices, discounts, or offers. Keep mobile users in consideration, as well as another critical factor: consider making the checkout procedure simple.

It goes without saying that the recommendation processes play an important role as well. We all like personalized service, whether digitally or in a conventional setting. You may show your consumers that you worry about their requirements & wants by employing even the basic personalized recommendations.

With these suggestions in place, you will alter the entire situation of your site, increasing conversion rates and generating traffic.